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Installment #25

We interrupt this week’s installment to bring you a secret recipe.  Back many years ago, when I was married and living in Ohio, I came up with some recipes for dip and cheeseball mixes to sell along with my mother-in-law‘s line of jams, jellies, and other canned foods from her garden. After my mother and father-in-law's six children flew the nest they found themselves with more fresh fruits and veggies than they knew what to do with, the daughters convinced their mom to sell her amazing products to the public. I offered to help out when she got accepted to showcase her products at multiple craft fairs and festivals, the public loved her products! After a year of going from one festival to another I asked if she would mind if I came up with something to sell along with her products, she agreed and I went fast to work creating a line of mixes: Daughter-in-Law's Cheese Ball Mix, Serious Ranch Dip Mix, Dilly Dill Dip Mix, Red Hot Pepper Dip & Cheese Ball Mix, and Fiesta Chile Cheese Ball Mix. The mixes were very popular, especially the “Daughter-in-Law’s Cheese Ball Mix” - I named it that because it was a recipe that I had in my arsenal for a few years but it was just called “cheeseball” and for marketing reasons I felt that it needed a catchier title. Oh you should have seen the looks on some of the “mother-in-laws'” faces when we introduced it to the public for the first time, many refused to even taste it because they didn’t like their daughter-in-laws… ha ha ha. All of the mixes, along with the canned goods, are still available from “Ordinary Evelyn‘s, Not So Ordinary” in Clay, West Virginia; but I am going to share my cheeseball recipe so that you can make your own… it’s quite addicting! 2 – 8oz packages of cream cheese (slightly softened) 2 TBSP dried minced onion 2 TBSP Accent seasoning salt 2 TBSP Worcestershire Sauce 1 cup chopped pecans In a bowl, combine the first 4 ingredients and mix well with hands. Shape the mixture into a ball and roll the ball in the chopped pecans. Serve with crackers.



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