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 I sell collectible dolls on eBay for a commission. I am well-known for dealing in Tonner & Wilde Imagination products but I do not sell that brand exclusively. I work with most types of modern fashion dolls including but not limited to: Tonner, Wilde Imagination, Sybarites, Integrity & Fashion Royalty, Numina, Kingdom, ModsDolls, DevaDolls, JAMIEshow, Dollmore and other BJDs; antiques and other types are also considered. If you or someone you know is looking to minimize or liquidate a doll collection, please feel free to contact me for more detailed information.


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"After hearing lots of positive comments about Jamie (eBay power seller ‘Brodjam’) — including a super-enthusiastic endorsement from a close pal — I recently decided to enlist her for a major downsizing project. Jamie immediately captivated me with her professionalism, efficiency, friendliness and attention to the smallest of details. Her instructions were clear, her communication was constant, her contract was fair and her auction-listing approach was both impressive and ultra effective. I’m beyond pleased with my proceeds, and I wouldn’t hesitate to seek Jamie’s assistance for future auctions. Neither should anyone else who’s thinking about going the eBay route. You’ll most definitely be in the best of hands with Jamie!"

WP ~ Oregon

"As an avid doll collector, I have used Jamie's services many times to thin out my collection. Her auctions proved time and time again to be more effective and profitable than my own efforts to sell my dolls, and SO much easier. At times an individual doll did not bring as much as I hoped, but then others would bring far more than I would have imagined. She is honest, professional, and fair."

JP ~ Texas

"Jamie McGlothlin has been a godsend for me. As a collector who had over-indulged in dolls for decades, I was at a loss about how to thin my collection to a reasonable size. Once I learned about Jamie, my worries were over. While it is is still sometimes difficult to part with dolls that have been loved, Jamie has made the process so much easier.  With her thorough and wide knowledge of the doll market, she has been able to offer sound advice about what will likely sell and what will not. She is forthright about that and as a result has a faithful following in the doll community. Her auctions usually result in a very good outcome for the seller. Jamie literally does all of the work — photographing the doll or outfit, describing it precisely and succinctly, responding to its buyer, packing it up carefully, and sending it off promptly. Her record keeping is meticulous. She has thoughtfully kept me informed about when to expect my dolls to be listed and soon after the conclusion of an auction has always sent a clear accounting of their sales along with a nice check! Jamie is a trustworthy, ethical businesswoman who also understands the bond between doll lovers and dolls. With Jamie as the intermediary, I’ve been able to enjoy the process of watching my dolls move on to someone else who will appreciate them as much as I have. She is indeed a treasure of a doll herself!"

SP ~ Wisconsin

"I have been working with Brodjam for quite some time now and have always been extremely satisfied with the service I've received and the results of every auction of my items that has taken place! The listings are clear and concise with great attention given to a detailed description of each item. I highly recommend Brodjam as a seller of quality items.  Absolutely outstanding!"

MG ~ New Jersey

"I’ve sold through Jamie several times. I chose her the first time because she has an excellent reputation on eBay and people watch her auctions. I chose her the second time because I also found her to be organized, professional and trustworthy. She does everything that I am not good at. If it wasn’t for Jamie, my dolls would still be languishing in my closet!"

MK ~ Wisconsin

"I was looking to downsize my extensive collection of dolls and the idea of the work needed to do that was daunting!  A friend recommended Brodjam as an option to help liquidate the collection and I was put in contact with the owner of the business.  She was extremely helpful in working with me to get a list together of the dolls that needed selling.  She has a very straightforward agreement and process on how to pack, ship, and sell them. It was a breeze (and a relief) with awesome results! She has a proven positive record on eBay and the items sold quickly and for fair amounts (thanks to her positive reviews and excellent customer service). I am extremely grateful for Brodjam’s expertise and hard work in helping me reduce my collection!  I will definitely be using her services again!"

JS ~ Virginia

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