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Installment #24

After my mom’s passing I decided it was time to get serious about finding a j-o-b. My head was telling me I needed the security of a full-time job with benefits; my heart didn’t want to agree. I applied for a job with a local kitchen cabinet company; I had experience designing kitchens back when my husband and I built model homes and I always enjoyed doing that type of work so I thought…maybe “this” is my thing. The interview went well and I was certain they would offer me the job, but after I visualized doing that type of work in that office setting with those people, it didn’t make me feel happy; when I got offered the job I politely turned it down. The next position that sparked an interest was for another local company that helped develop TV commercials. Now this position really seemed exciting, it felt to me like the perfect “I live in New York” kind of job! A husband and wife team ran the company and again, the interview went very well; I really connected with the wife and told her about my Lost Soles of the Highway project as we both had a love for photography. She told me she had one other person to interview that afternoon and would get back to me later in the evening with her decision, but I had a good feeling it would be me. I left there elated and excited for the possibilities of this new chapter in my life, but as I drove home I started getting an odd gut feeling that this was not at all the direction I should be heading in. I turned off the radio and decide to call upon my old friend the rainbow… “If I am to accept this job, show me a rainbow”. I kept my eyes peeled the rest of the way home, once home I scurried about from window to window looking for my sign; I saw no rainbow and I also got no phone call. I had plans to meet up with a friend that evening, I left the house disappointed but kept a positive attitude. As my friend and I drove into town they told me about a trip they would be taking in a few months to Italy and asked me if I would like to come along. My heart skipped a beat; I LOVE to travel and an opportunity like this doesn’t come around every day. I explained that it would just not be possible for me to take that kind of time off from a new job that I was sure I was going to land. My friend continued to talk about the itinerary of their trip when out of nowhere a vibrant rainbow appeared in the skies ahead. I interrupted and said “Well, I guess I’m starting a new job, definitely cannot go with you to Italy”. That night I arrived back home to find no messages on my answering machine, but the Universe had given me my sign so I went to bed with visions of TV commercial showbiz dancing in my head. I finally received my phone call the following evening, she started out by telling me what a pleasure it was to have met me; I could tell that this conversation was probably not going in the direction I had anticipated. She went on to explain that they had chosen another candidate but she really connected with me and would love for us to become friends. I just smiled to myself and responded… “I’d love that as well and…I’m going to Italy!”

Sometimes you just gotta act like a tourist!

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