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Installment #26

After looking back through some old record keeping, I realized the timeline of my events are a bit off and I have left out some important parts of my story. My apologies, I never promised this was going to be the next J.K. Rowling best seller! BEFORE my mom passed away, and AFTER my boss at Digital Variant let me go part-time (May of 2007), I put an ad on Craigslist offering my eBay selling services; I thought that maybe there were other people out there that I could sell items on eBay for. I was open to selling anything someone wanted to get rid of and boy…did I sell some interesting things that year! My first client had a bunch of miscellaneous items that he thought was worth a lot of money. I had high hopes that he knew what he was talking about but lo and behold, not so much money came rolling in once those auctions were complete. Next came a woman whose husband starred in the soap “Dark Shadows”, they also had a bunch of miscellaneous items, but one that I was really hoping would sell and bring in some very nice money was a giant, floor to ceiling fireplace mantle with gargoyles; it was used on the set of Dark Shadows (who watched that terrifying soap opera when they were a kid?). Unfortunately it didn’t sell, along with most of the items that I listed for her; so that ended up being a bit of a bust. My third client from Craigslist was a man named David who did some touring with the Dave Matthews Band and had a lot of music memorabilia. I worked with him for a few months but most of the items only brought in a few bucks and I was starting to realize that I was putting a lot of time and effort into selling all of these items for what seemed to amount to only some pocket change. I pressed on though, keeping my Craigslist ad running and fielding inquiries; I was bound and determined to find my niche in this great big eBay world. I worked with a few other people here and there selling oddball stuff: old record albums, a model car collection (that was a nightmare!!), vintage tablecloths and other miscellaneous linens, and some artwork that actually did fairly well but was a pain the arse to package up to ship. I even helped a local family hold a yard sale at their residence because, by the time I had gained some experience trying to sell all of this miscellaneous stuff on eBay, I realized all the items they had were not worth the time and effort to put on eBay; even their yard sale didn’t do that great. I met some very interesting people but I did not find very many interesting things to sell on eBay that would provide me with a living wage. So, back to the job-hunt-drawing-board I went.

Happy Halloween! (2007)

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