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Installment #79

Horrifying and costly eBay experiences…

The first one was years ago, I can’t even remember what I sold or to who, but it never arrived (or arrived damaged – again, can’t remember) and I didn’t insure the package. Ugh!! My heart sank as the buyer paid $700 for the item. I couldn’t believe how stupid I was for not investing in the insurance. $700 out of my pocket, what an expensive learning experience that was. Recently I had a package of items get lost in the mail, $600 worth of items to be exact. This has been a recurring theme since the beginning of December – SO many “lost” packages. Thankfully all but a few were only temporarily lost and eventually (3-5 weeks later) made their way to the buyer. It’s been a nightmare to say the least. Fortunately, I learned a valuable lesson all those years ago and purchased the insurance on this $600 lost/missing parcel (eBay makes you wait 30 days before allowing you to file an insurance claim for a lost package – ridiculous!). I filed the lost package claim and 2 days later I received an email stating my claim was denied – OMG … what!!?? I called the 800# to find out why and they told me it was a mistake. Geez!! I mean, I couldn’t be more grateful it was just a mistake but what a way to give a girl a heart attack! Moral of this story – always purchase insurance, or hand-deliver the item (I actually did that one time, it was going to be cheaper than shipping and insurance – and it was a nice drive).

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