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Installment #78

It hurts when people get angry with us for things we may, or may not, have had anything to do with. Sometimes I get messages from eBay buyers stating their outrage for various issues (I know they are outraged because they TYPE IN ALL CAPS). Perhaps I failed to notice a microscopic dot on the pinky finger of a doll’s left hand, or their package didn’t arrive on the day it was expected and they weren’t home to retrieve it from the mail carrier, or their package arrived in record time but the Priority box was crushed in on one corner - contents unharmed and just as expected. And yes, of course there have been times when I just didn’t do a perfect job of packing up an item for shipment or got side-tracked and missed checking a particular condition of a doll; or, my latest snafu, mistaking a pair of extra hands in a little baggie for a pair of shoes (buyer was very kind and patient with me about this – THANK YOU). To add to all of this, there is the problem with loss of tone and inflection with the written word; sometimes the reader interprets messages in a way that was not intended by infecting the words with their mood or emotion over the subject. We are all guilty of this, especially in this day and age of texts and social media. But I think, in general, “we” are good people. We are a mixed bag of thoughts, feelings, and emotions walking around in a meat-suit just doing our best each and every day to play out our roles here on earth. Let’s all give one another a little slack, not just on eBay but everywhere. Next time you witness someone being cranky, consider this… Maybe, just maybe, they’ve had five sleepless nights because their cat was sick, their Sam’s Club account got hacked and $900 worth of product that they never ordered was charged to their credit card, they woke up to over 400 spam emails out of the blue, an entire document they worked on for 2 hours got deleted, and eBay decided to put a temporary block on their payouts for no dang reason… all in the matter of 5 days! Crankiness warranted? Yes! But not if it’s directed at another. Unfortunately, this is a human flaw and one that is unlikely to change. If I ever disappoint or fail you as an eBay seller, reach out to me (in non-abrasive, lower case letters) and let’s work the situation out… I always want you to be happy!

This is not Henry, although he does have that same cranky expression most of the time.

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