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Installment #21

I worked at the Depuy Canal House for 2 1/2 years, finally deciding there was no room for growth or promotion. I did so love that job, it had become a home to me and all of the people that I worked with had become my family. But slowly, one by one, life started taking them in different directions and as the office manager/bookkeeper the struggle to help keep the business alive and well was starting to take its toll on me personally. I began looking in the papers and online for a new job, feeling like my time and experience would gain me credibility for a new position. I was hired to be an office manager for a company called Digital Variant. It was hard giving my notice at the Depuy Canal House, but I was ready to move on and I needed a more substantial salary with benefits. This new job was located in Poughkeepsie, NY... boy, did I sure miss getting ready in the morning and just walking next-door to go to work! My job duties consisted of accounts payable and receivable, sending in payroll information every other week, and answering the phone. The phone rarely rang, the bookkeeping didn’t take any time at all, and neither did the payroll. I found myself with a lot of nothing to do on a daily basis; there’s nothing that makes time go more slowly than sitting and watching a clock. After a couple of months of this I sat down with my boss and shared my state of “ennui” (a word I’m sure I didn’t even know existed until Ellowyne Wilde came into my life). I suggested going part-time but he was having none of that; instead he dove me into the digital world with the rest of the employees (to this day I’m still uncertain how to explain what services this company actually offered). Managing the back-end of a teen and preteen social media website was added to my list of duties (THIS account I actually understood and could exlain!). Every day I would go in and update things like the horoscope, trending celebrity news, and fashion tips. I was also the person who answered all of the teen girl’s questions about love, life, and the pursuit of happiness. This certainly helped make the time go by faster but being an efficient worker I still had a little too much time on my hands; I got lots of online shopping done for the holidays and discovered an unknown love for solitaire. A month or two later we ended up losing the “Popteen” account; my boss agreed to let me go part-time. My 40-hour a week salaried job turned into a 6-8 hour day once every other week. Back to the job market drawing board I went.

When you're not working a full-time job and have too much time on your hands... you CLEAN!

"So this is where all of Henry's toys went!"

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