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Installment #81

I sit and stare at the computer screen, Word is open, and I need to write the next installment, but my brain feels empty…no thoughts at all. I look outside and see the trees blowing in the wind, I can hear the wind howling and whistling through the old apartment building windows. I take a drink of water, “I need to drink more water” I think to myself. I look at the various piles of papers and notes scattered on my desk – I should sort through this stuff and clean up, the desk top is covered in dust and cat hair – I eyeball a dust bunny hiding in a back corner behind my computer monitor… gross. I need to focus; time is ticking, and I haven’t written not one word yet for this installment. Why am I even still doing this, is anyone reading it, I have nothing interesting to say or share, it’s just one more thing you would have to worry about each week. Maybe I should just take the easy way out and share a recipe – I wonder if anyone has ever tried any of the recipes that I’ve shared in the past. What do my eBay customers want to know about me, should I talk about all of the glitches that I’ve been experiencing lately and how frustrating it is… nah, that might sound too cranky. Should I tell some stories about touching and memorable experiences I’ve had with some customers… nah, that might sound too arrogant. Boy the wind has really picked up speed. My brain is still empty, I have nothing to share.

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