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Installment #73

Winter is slowing coming to an end and Spring is just around the corner. For being the shortest month of the year, February sure has dragged on and on and on. Is it ever going to end? I really have a sneaking suspicion that when I wake up next Monday it will not be March, for some reason or another… stranger things have happened! Why does February have less days? I can’t imagine being born on February 29th, I thought being born so close to Christmas was a rip off, only having a birthday every four years would, I imagine, feel pretty crappy and weird. But I digress, soon enough it will be March 1st and “Hip-hip-hooray!” the countdown to McDonald's Shamrock Shakes begins! Actually, I haven’t indulged in one of those in YEARS, but maybe this year I should, maybe it’ll bring good luck? Speaking of good fortune… never iron a 4-leaf clover, you don't want to press you luck!

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