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Installment #65

A reflection on 2020

I bet I’m not the only one reflecting on this bizarro year, it will certainly go down in history. I had a trip to the Caribbean scheduled for the end of April that I had to cancel, of course, and I’m still uncertain as to what I’m gonna do with the credit that they gave me to put towards a new vacation. My credit expires in a few days and I really hope that they’ll extend it because I still don’t feel safe to travel anywhere or know when I would feel safe to do so. And that… is probably my biggest 2020 challenge. Things really didn’t change much for me since I work from home anyway; and eBay sales were great because most everyone was home bored, and shopping feels a void. At first I got a little antsy as I am one who has a fairly active social life, which came to a screeching halt, but I must say that all this downtime, and time to myself, acted as a sort of re-wiring, in a good way, and for that I am grateful. Plus... long phone conversations are still a great pastime, more options to dine alfresco, and single file check-out lines, that most stores have incorporated, means you’ll never pick the slow line again (I hope they keep this when Covid ends). What can I say, I like to look on the bright side.

Toodle-oo 2020! I wonder what kinds of treasures 2021 will bring us.

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