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Installment #63

You may have picked up on this if you have been faithfully following along with my weekly stories, but if not I’d like to take this time to point out that I am all about the fun, being silly, laughing and just having a stupid good time! I mostly only watch things on TV that make me laugh, when I listen to music I sing along and sometimes make up my own words, I love to dance and recently stubbed my toe really bad and lost my toenail trying to do a high kick during a virtual dance party. I love to play wacky games that make you laugh, and ones where you have to act out goofy stuff. I have some very odd decorations in my home because I think that they are weirdly entertaining, and I love wearing t-shirts and sweatshirts that say funny things and make strangers laugh. I have an Instagram account called The Googly Gourmet where I put googly eyes on my food and turn it into faces. I LOVE Christmas time and I still believe in Santa (more on that next week), and I’m not afraid to rock an ugly Christmas sweater or a pair of crazy patterned Christmas leggings. Yet, I am very levelheaded and balance all of this quirkiness with a good dose of compassion, faith, and generosity (Felt a need to throw that in there in case you were starting to think I was a complete nut job).

What makes you laugh and smile? It’s my birthday week next week and I’d love for you to share something with me that made you laugh out loud recently.

Doll garden, cause I have a black thumb - Just being silly at a restaurant - My face in plaster, decorated.

Ugly Christmas sweater party - Mr. BONEjangles, versatile home decor - I keep goofy company, too.

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