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Installment #60

This week I wanted to express my gratitude to each and every one of you… my customers who buy dolls and doll fashions & accessories each and every week, and my clients who entrust me to sell their treasured collections week after week. Through the years I have come to know so many of you as “online friends”, many of you have shared stories with me and we message one another as if we have been a part of each other’s lives for a lifetime. I’ve had the privilege to actually meet a few of you in person and put a face to the eBay user ID. Many of you have shared with me how I have made an impact on your lives, and many more of you have shared things with me that have touched my heart in the most extraordinary ways. I have received thoughtful gifts, gained a foster grandmother, and been invited to come vacation in fantastical locations all over the world (one of these days I swear I’m gonna take those offers up!). You help me identify dolls and fashions that I don’t know of or have mis-identified, and you call me out when I’ve made a typo. Many of you write to ask about Henry and share your furbaby photos, and some of you have been inspired by mine and Henry’s story and have gone out to adopt your own kitty cat. If you feel like I’m speaking directly to you it’s because I am… your story IS my story. Without YOU my life would not be as I know it and for that I am immensely grateful.

Henry and I THANK YOU for being a vital and cherished part of our world and we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving; if you find yourself challenged with the holidays this year due to the pandemic, please know that you are important to me and Henry and we will be including you when we count our blessings.

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