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Installment #46

Henry’s Litter Box

One of the things that people who visit my home notice, and make mention of, is how I turned an old steamer trunk into a cat litter box. Look, I'm just gonna say it - I come up with brilliant ideas ALL of the time! Now, if I were super brilliant, I would have patented all of these ideas but I didn’t so… I’m just gonna share this one with you so you, too, can have an amazing topic of conversation when your guests visit. If you have a cat and an old trunk or chest or something of the sort (if not, make that your Sunday Flea Market treasure hunt… for the TRUNK not the cat!) you can easily turn the trunk into a hidden cat litter box, just like I did. Cut a hole (or have someone do it for you, which is what I prefer) in the side of the trunk large enough for the cat to comfortably walk through. Measure the inside of the trunk and go purchase a shallow storage container (you won't need the lid so just leave it behind; plus this messes up the store's inventory and the clerks will be like...."why do we have an extra lid, some dumb-arse must have forgotten to grab their lid"... but the jokes really on them… LOL).  Place container inside of trunk, add litter, shut the trunk lid, and VOILA! I would also like to mention that your cat will LOVE you for this. Regular sized litter boxes are not roomy enough for your cat to do their business, and if you have more than one cat… it seriously is NOT big enough! Plus, now the trunk is multi-purpose… it is decorative, can be used to throw mail on, or used in your foyer as a bench. Plus… if you put it in your foyer it can also act as a deterrent to unwanted guests… if you know company is coming that you really don't care for, just don't clean the litter box for a couple of days and as soon as they walk in they won't want to stay!

Looks like an ordinary 'ol trunk

But wait!......what's that hole?

Ahhhhh... the perfect hidden cat box!

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