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Installment #38

In May of 2010 I decided to invest in a friend-of-a-friend’s invention: a self-portrait photo booth called SnapShot Studio. Having a love for photography and a desire to earn money in some way other than eBay, I concluded it had to be a win-win purchase. Back in 2010 pop-up photo booths were just becoming all the rage at wedding receptions and such, and I positioned myself at the forefront of offering such a service in and around the great Hudson Valley area of NY. It came in a large black duffle bag weighing approx. 35 pounds, and I could put it together and tear it down in approx. 20 minutes. It was so easy to set up and operate; I attached my camera to the base, bounced the flash off of the umbrella (included with kit), and set the camera for remote control use. Voila! Instant photo booth provided a whole new dimension of "fun" for wedding receptions, anniversary parties, corporate gatherings and other events. Partygoers and attendees just grabbed the remote, stepped inside, put on their big "CHEESE" and clicked the button on the remote. Strike a new pose and repeat! I signed myself up to vend at an upcoming bridal trade show in hopes of booking my new service with some brides-to-be. Several ladies showed strong interest and took my information, within a week or so I had a few bookings and was anxious to put my new toy to use. And what better way to experiment than the 2010 Tonner Doll Convention! It was held in Lombard, IL, May 20-23. Doll collectors from around the globe gathered to partake in everything "dolls"... Tonner Dolls that is. I got to try out my new SnapShot Studio photo booth at this convention for the first time. I had practiced putting it together in my tiny living room, but this was the first "official" use of the booth. I was a little worried that the attendees might not be so receptive to the idea of letting loose and having fun with the photo booth, but I was wrong. Oh sure, it took them some coaxing and a little time to get them into it, but once they did they loved it and they snapped away. The convention was great fun, as usual, and the Tonner gang entertained us at every event with their witty charm and hilarious outbursts. And let's not forget the outstanding costumes worn by the Tonner gang and the attendees, the effort and creativity with some of the costumes never ceased to amaze me; and I had the privilege of capturing it all with my new photo booth.

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