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Installment #15

I had been living in my apartment for about a year, I was good and settled and had everything in its place. I had a box of miscellaneous items that didn’t seem to find a “place” in my life so I decided to sell them on eBay, these items just no longer served me or spoke to who I had become. One of the items was a framed sketching, like a pencil drawing; it was of two older ladies sitting at a table having, what looked to be, an intense conversation. I always thought that they reminded me of a couple of witches from a fairytale chatting about a concoction for their next spell. I had purchased this framed sketching at a flea market, somewhere in Ohio, years earlier for $35. I had a hard time making out the name from the signature but did my best to translate what I thought I saw and took lots of detailed photos for the listing. My handful of auctions ran for 7 days and ended late one night while I was working a shift at the restaurant as a bartender. All of my coworkers were going out afterwards but I chose to go home so that I could see what all of my items had sold for. I sat down at my computer and pulled up my eBay account, I was flabbergasted! That framed sketching sold for over $700, I had to do a double take, but it was true! My next fear was that it wouldn’t get paid for but, as luck would have it, the winning bidder paid for it immediately. I was so excited that I jumped in my car and drove to the hang-out where all of my coworkers had gone, once there I bought everyone a drink to celebrate along with me. I don’t recall all of the exact details of the order but the item did go to someone internationally. I was a nervous wreck packing that thing up properly and prayed for the next few weeks that it would get there safely and the person wouldn’t want to return it for some reason. The next day, back at the restaurant to do another evening shift, I spoke of my exciting eBay sale to a few other coworkers who had not been around the night before. One of them asked… “You know how to sell stuff on eBay?” - “Yeah” I replied. “Would you help me sell a doll collection?” - “Sure!” I replied. Little did I know what this was going to lead to.

"Does this poison smell weird to you?" NOT the actual sketching that I sold for $700, just a little giggle.

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