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Installment #12

After about six months of living with the friend that I had moved in with when I moved to New York State, I decide it was in my best interest to find a new place to live. It was a great place to be to get my bearings and my feet planted firmly, but I was outgrowing this particular living situation and it was time to move on and start the next chapter. I had made good friends with my neighbor, and her daughter was looking for a roommate in order to get out of her own uncomfortable living circumstance, so the timing was a perfect opportunity for us both to move forward. We found a modular home rental on a quiet piece of property in what felt like the middle of nowhere, even more so than the house in Olivebridge. But it was a bit closer to my job so that was a bonus and I very much loved that I had my own bathroom and lots more closet space. My new roommate and I became best friends, often sitting down with a cocktail when we got home from work to talk about the accounts of the day. Her mom remained a very close friend that would go with me on my days off searching for lost soles and showing me around, introducing me to new little towns and shortcuts to get to and from. When the holidays came rolling around I was invited to join them and their family for get-togethers, it was nice to be included and helped me not miss being with my own family that was miles away. It was the perfect living situation until about six months later when we received a call from our landlord letting us know that we needed to find new living quarters, his daughter was wanting to live in the house and so back to the drawing board we found ourselves. It just so happened, at that exact same time, that my boss at the Depuy Canal House had a vacant apartment above one of the B&B rooms. I made a proposal, one that I felt he could not refuse… “I need a place to live and you need an Office Manager/Jill-Of-All-Trades, in lieu of a raise, which I am overdue, rent me out the vacant apartment for $500 a month”. My boss agreed! I hired a moving van and another chapter begins. It was a small, one bedroom apartment but it was my very first place to live all by myself. This was a monumental moment for me at the age of 37, and the start to an even more independent life.

My very first apartment, cute & cozy.

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