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Installment #1

Once upon a time... ​Well, isn’t that how all great stories start? My story starts in December 1967, in Charleston West Virginia where I was born. All right that’s probably going back a little too far, and would make this story go on for way too long. My DOLL story starts sometime in 2006, I don’t quite remember the month; I used to have all of the notebooks that I kept all of my records in but over the years, moving from one place to another, it was time to let go of some extra weight, so I can’t look back and tell you exactly… but I know it was 2006. I was an office manager and Jill-of-all-Trades at a small town restaurant, quite famous in its own right, the first restaurant to earn four stars from the New York Times that was not located in New York City. It was here that my love and appreciation for fine cuisine grew and flourished. Growing up in West Virginia and then living in Ohio for 17 years, spaghetti made with Ragu, meatloaf, and pinto beans with cornbread was the norm. I had little experience with things such as risotto, sushi, and foie gras. My idea of a nice meal out was at the Olive Garden, Red Lobster, or Chi-Chi’s. I was hired to be the office manager, but being the people pleaser/go-getter that I am I quickly found myself waiting tables, playing hostess, and housekeeper when the cleaning ladies didn’t show up to take care of the few B&B rooms that the restaurant also operated. And let’s not forget bartender ... I even crafted a cocktail especially for Aidan Quinn, which was obviously so delicious that the next time he dined with us he remembered me and requested that same concoction. Ahhhh... he was so dreamy! I truly loved this job, I loved my coworkers, I loved my boss, and as much as I sometimes complained, I loved all of the variety of work that I did.

December 27, 1967 - 5 days old

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