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BRODJAM and BRODJAM_TOO are both operated by Jamie and her CFO (Chief Furry Officer) Henry. Specializing in collectible doll sales since 2006. I offer most types of modern fashion dolls including but not limited to: Tonner, Wilde Imagination, Sybarites, Integrity & Fashion Royalty, Numina, Kingdom, ModsDolls, DevaDolls, JAMIEshow, Dollmore and other BJDs.

BRODJAM is based out of NY and is overseen by Jamie and Henry.

BRODJAM TOO is based out of WV and is overseen by my sister, Lou and her lil' pooch, Piper.

New auction listings start on Tuesdays and end on Sundays for both stores.

Apparel for lovers of dolls, cats, and wine. 

Make a statement with graphic shirts designed by Jamie.

From Bookeeper to eBay Doll Queen...

Read the weekly installments that weave the story of how an average girl got drawn into the doll world.

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