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Installment #28

I was nearing the bottom of the factory sale bargain barrel when my co-worker friend, who I was originally selling the dolls for, shared with me that they had a friend who was interested in having me sell dolls for them, too. They made a phone call and before I knew it I was making a trip to pick up more dolls from a new client (to protect my client’s privacy I will refer to them as Client #2). After a long drive I arrived at their house and was astounded by their doll rooms, yes I said “rooms” plural. The displays were meticulous and everything was arranged with careful thought and intention. The upstairs was devoted entirely to dolls, two rooms filled to the brim with floor to ceiling shelves displaying layers of fashion dolls from the mass produced to limited editions to one-of-a-kinds and everything in between. Downstairs in the family room was a built-in shelving system that housed the entertainment system along with multiple shelves that displayed more dolls, their favorites I imagined. There were coveted dolls scattered about in the living room and bedroom as well. I whipped out my trusty Canon camera and started shooting, I couldn’t help myself, there were so many fascinating dolls and groupings that needed to be captured (back then I was very much into photography and loved to “play around” with my camera; these days I find myself a bit jaded by the advancement of technology and the “camera” every human being has connected to their hip). I had so much fun positioning and photographing all of the wonderful creations, for a brief moment I felt like a famous photographer shooting his models for the next edition of the cover of Glamour magazine. The collection was made up of, what I would guess to be, about 90% Tonner dolls: Tyler and all of her friends, Matt and all of his friends, Marley, Ellowyne and all of her friends…the list went on and on. I believe Client #2 owned at least one of everything that was ever produced by the Tonner Doll Company along with some dolls that I laid eyes on for the very first time. My photography ended up being mostly out of focus and disappointing, I looked forward to making another trip back to pick up more dolls so that I could try my hand again at capturing the collection in all of its whimsical glory. We boxed up a carload of dolls that they no longer desired and on my way back home I went, excited and grateful that I would have stable income for the next few months.

Photos from Client #2's collection

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